Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Make - Over" My Chairs

Good Bye Old Chairs....Hello Cute Chairs!

So those of you who know me...already have heard how I love to go to garage sales on the weekend and "dumpster dive" in people's garbage 
on bulk trash days!!  
I have found the most special and unique treasures! 
They make me smile every time I look at them.

Fast forward to today! I was playing around in my classroom on a summer day, moving furniture around & materials.  As I was playing with my "teacher toys"...I looked at my rocking chair which was donated to me by one of my Kindergarten Kiddos families a few years ago!  It is very special to me because I know that he was rocked in it as a baby and then I was able to rock in it as I read him and his Kindergarten friends their stories each day.  
Last year I was lucky enough to teach his 
terrific twin sisters!      #lovesiblings
It is a white rocking chair with a brown pillow.  
Ya'll know how dusty things get in your Kindergarten classroom over the it was time for a make over! As soon as I took off the brown pillows and saw the white wooden background, 
my "crafty clever mind wheels" started spinning!!!!

I am about to show you just how much I love 
lime green with white polka dots!

Knock...knock...who's there?
Anyone else who has these great ideas but can't do them by themselves?

That would be me!
So I ran to my "Marvelous Mommy" and asked her if she could do the dirty work for me!!!! 

How do you like our finished product?

So....that was so much fun!!!!! We decided to do my 

Teacher Chair for my Guided Reading Table

My Stool that I sit on behind my Projector Cart

My Lockdown Curtain for my Door Window

My mom never stops at just GOOD...she goes all the way to be GREAT!!!!!  She had some extra fabric so she made me...

4 Seat Sacks for my Writing Center!!!!

I can't wait to come back to my classroom after summer vacation and set up my newly decorated furniture in my "Home Away From Home!"
A B.I.G. thank you to my Marvelous Mom!!!

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  1. Love it! Where did you find the fabric? My K class is decorated w/ Lime and polka dots, too! :)